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Electrical installations are everywhere. They are a part of every building, and every home has at least some modern technology. Any can turn the lights on or off or adjust the blinds.But we wanted to go a step farther. We wanted to create a truly intelligent system. A system that would think for you and save you time, energy and money. We developed the iNELS – an intelligent wiring and wireless system that can control the whole home, e.g. regulating heat, air-conditioning and ventilation, adjusting roll blinds and shutters, controlling appliances and even the home security system.

What Can I Control?

In addition to basic functions, the system can be set up with even the most advanced functions. iNELS can manoeuvre blind slats according to the position of the sun, or an SMS message can be sent to change the status. Each sensor and request can be the recorded into the system along with the appropriate action.

It is possible to set the temperature in each room using a single button or application.

Not only dimming to the required level, but also setting light scenes for every occasion.

You can switch on or off practically any electric appliance that is connected to the socket.

iNELS allows you to measure consumption of electricity, water and gas. Consumption is shown as time units or directly in terms of money.

Video Camera Systems

The system has the capacity of connection up to 30 video cameras – can be watched in applications on a smartphone or tablet, and even on TV.

From one place of house it is enabled to share a music over the whole house.

The weather station not only provides information, but also allows measured values to be used for control of functions in the home.

LARA and the iNELS application offer the option of communicating with members of the family in individual rooms of the home.

Blinds, gates and awnings can be controlled by any system controller, including applications.

Salient Features

Installation without breaking the wall.

Retrofit solution, no need to change any wiring.

Reliable RF Communication

2 way bi directional communication

Saves wiring cost by 25% to 45%

Expandable – actutators and controls can increase exponentially

– Wide range of control – Touch Screen, Switch, Key Chain, Pilot Remote, Smart Phone

Well suited for builder projects.

Integrates with Video door phone & IP Camera.

Wireless switch can even be fixed on glass surface.

Control IR equipment AC & AV.

GSM Communicator for SMS control and communication.

Luxury European Design.

– Direct Integration with detectors – motion, smoke, windows/doors contact. (Burglar Alarm Panel not required)


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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

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Mallorca, Spain

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