Home cinemas offer the ultimate entertainment at home to enjoy with your family and friends. Custom designed systems provide you with the perfect multimedia experiences from any source, on any screen type. This is why we implement and install the latest available technologies to optimize your home cinema experience. Irrespective of your seating requirements or room dimensions, with Acetech Technologies it is possible to create a customized home cinema system that offers the most prolific entertainment options, on demand.

We do a range of Audio Video Solutions from entry level Home theatres for bedrooms to hi-end systems for living rooms to the ultimate dedicated Home theatres including acoustic consultancy.

We specialize in transforming a bare room into perfect venues for watching films & TV shows, playing games and enjoying surround sound. We can even program your home cinema such that one touch of a remote makes the lights dim, blinds close and the latest blockbuster come to life with earth shattering Surround SoundAi??all from the comfort of your living room sofa, bedroom or a custom designed home theatre. Simplify the control of audio, video and home theatre components and eliminate the need for multiple remotes with our bespoke home cinema set-ups.

Why Acetech Technologies For Your Home Theater

One Size Does Not Fit All

Your theater has it’s own unique configuration. We analyze your room to determine the appropriate size and location of each acoustic panel. This results in a finished Home Theater that will sound great and look even better.

Experience is Everything

We have worked on many Home Theater Designs and installations ranging from Traditional styles to modern Space Themes. We will transform your unique vision into a custom Home Theater that you will be proud to share with your friends and family.

Think Outside The Box

We can create or obtain any resource needed to deliver your special theater. Maximizing the home theater experience entails more than just technical details, it requires an understanding of aesthetics and personal taste.

Home Theatre Solutions Include

  • Televisions
  • Speakers and Soundbars
  • Remote Controls
  • Video Components
  • Audio Receivers
  • Network Connectivity
  • DVD/Cable/Blu-ray
  • Apple TV
  • Cables